July 20, 2007

From a satisfied customer...

Organizing Advice From Christina That I Actively Use:

1. Break large projects down into smaller ones and tackling those one at a time. Finish one entire section before moving onto the next.

2. Ask yourself: Have I used this in the past 6 months? Will I miss it? If the answers are no, then it goes bye-bye.

3. Set small goals each day to accomplish - whether at home or work.

4. When you budget, make sure to pay yourself!

5. Don't keep clothes that are too small for when you will be able to "fit into them."

6. When your car is loaded up with things to donate, MAKE SURE you get rid of the stuff - do not bring it home again and think "I'll drop it off later!" Once you decide to get rid of it - get rid of it!

7. How many tank tops/t-shirts/jeans/etc. do you REALLY need? Less is more!

8. Use boxes of old bottles for garden decor to make room in the garage and to display my treasured bottles.

9. Only keep knick knacks that you love enough to not mind having to dust every week. Knick knacks are good in theory but they build dust and can make cleaning a nightmare.

10. Set time aside to sit down and pay your bills.

11. Dust BEFORE you vacuum.

12. Have clothes you can mix and match.

13. Have one good silver chain and then switch out the pendants to match different outfits instead of many necklaces and many chains in a heaping tangled mess.

14. You only need one shampoo and conditioner in your shower - not 20 half-full bottles of various hair products.

Thanks Heath!

July 3, 2007

Organizing Passwords

With most people's entire life on the Internet, we find ourselves accessing all our information with a brainful of passwords that tend to fall through the cracks. Not to mention that you really should update your passwords every three months. How do you remember them all, or keep them organized?

I've set up a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that is password protected. You should be able to find the Protection option under Excel's Tools menu. The spreadsheet holds the login and passwords for all my financial, online auction logins, etc. All you have to do is remember one password.

A few other ideas have been posted on the Simple Living Network.