August 21, 2008

Is Technology Leading Us to a Simpler Life?

Have you noticed that the options for having a simpler, less cluttered life seem to be getting getting more varied? Ten years ago a healthy music collection could take up an entire wall. Now you can fit thousands of songs and albums on one pocket-size device. Televisions used to be heavy, obstinate objects that needed their own piece of furniture. Now they are slim enough to hang on the wall. Rachael Ray has shown us how to use less in the kitchen and spend less time in the kitchen.

Even though we seem to spend even more time keeping up with and learning about new technolgy, what we do learn we can utilize to declutter and simplify our lives. We have no need for loads of backup CDs and DVDs when we have Mozy, our library of books has been reduced down to the size of the Kindle even our home paperwork can be banished to cyberspace with EverNote or Pixily.