April 5, 2013

One Pair of Pants

For the past month I have been suffering from an allergic reaction which caused me to break out in a nice mass of hives. In turn, the medication I was taking for the hives caused my immunity system to go down the tubes and I caught a nice cold. My sense of style has gone out the window and I've only been interested in being as comfortable as possible. So for 30 days I've been wearing the same pair of pants...and no one seems to have noticed.

The chosen pants are a pair of dark gray yoga pants from The Girls which are super soft, comfortable and non-wrinkling (with tummy control!). They don't show dirt and I only wash them every few days. In short, the ideal pair of pants.

I really thought that wearing the same pants every day would cause the people at my work to question either my sense of style or my lack of money, but no one mentioned a thing. It seemed that as long as I varied my shirt selection no one would notice. These type of pants would be just what I would choose if I were to attempt the Six Items or Less challenge or the Uniform Project which forces you to really scrutinize what items in your wardrobe can benefit your life the most.

Would you be able to live your daily life in just one pair of pants?