October 28, 2007

The One Hour Closet

I took one hour and ruthlessly decluttered my closet. I looked at every article of clothing with scrutiny and ended up with a pile of unwanted items that took up my bedroom floor. One hour made a big difference in how I am able to organize my clothes. I just kept thinking the whole time, "What if I have to move into a small sailboat? Where would everything go?"

October 16, 2007

Is It Worth It?

A few years ago, my husband bought what he thought would be a fun water toy: an AquaSkipper. It looks something like a bike with skis that is used to fly along the surface of a lake, provided you have a dock nearby to take off from.

Well, it's been a few years and he has yet gotten it to work correctly. It is large and difficult to maneuver, store and carry. I ask him if he is going to take it to the lake and he complains that it takes forever to put together and so it sits...in the garage...collecting dust.

It may seem a good idea at the time to buy something that might give you hours of fun or enjoyment, but is the time spent to haul, upkeep, clean or put together the object part of the fun?

My favorite possession is my kayak. Really. I see it as my escape from the world and use it as my own private island. I paddle away from trouble and enjoy the feel of sun on my face and water dripping down my hands and head. To me it's no trouble to store it, haul it onto the top of my car, drive it to a lake an hour away and haul it into said lake.

Anything that is more trouble or care than it's worth should not be part of your life, no matter how much money you spent on it.

October 4, 2007

Managing Your Tchotchkes

We all have those little collectibles that we have garnered from world travels, discount store or boutique sales, kind friends and family members. But organizing them to show them to their highest capacity, yet keep them clutter free, can be a challenge.

1. GROUP LIKE ITEMS: Put items that are similar together. Put shells and rocks in bowls or vases, put figurines all on one shelf or together on a pretty tray, plate or charger.

2. ONE IN, ONE OUT RULE: If you get another tchotchke. Another one should be donated or given away.

3. DISPLAY, NOT PACK AWAY: Your favorite items should be on display all the time. Don't pack away items "for later". Later may never come. Live life today and enjoy what you have.