November 18, 2009

The One Box Concept

I apologize for the lack of posting lately. I have been busy with other jobs, blogs and a small but growing freelance business. Eventually I hope to export this blog over to Wordpress and contribute to it more often. In the meantime, I will post to it when I can.

In the last few weeks, I have been further decluttering my home and have come up with a concept that seems to work for me. I attempt to declutter enough of a certain item so that what I have left fits into one box: all books should fit into one box, all clothes into one box or suitcase, all mementos into one box.

Now, you have to be able to carry the box once it is full, so it doesn't help to be putting your items into a box the size of a refrigerator. One office paper box or medium sized box from Uhaul should be sufficient.

This has been a bit of a challenge for me with kitchen supplies. Right now all my kitchen supplies fit into about four medium sized boxes. They used to fit into about ten of them, so I am getting better at purging.

Try it. It's freeing to know that you can carry each of your favorite items in just one box.

Photo by ewan and donabel/Flickr