February 21, 2008

When You are a Piler, Not a Filer

Many people like to have their information within their sight or grasp – hence the pile. Pilers are different from other clutter groups in that their information is organized in piles in accordance to their own technique. This can create havoc on any space and can begin to squeeze the piler out of their home.

Piling is not a bad thing, it is a habit of more visual learners and creative types. According to Lee Silber of Organizing from the Right Side of the Brain there are some creative ways to make piling an art form.

1. Focus on the Positive
Put the most positive item of each item on top of your pile, e.g. the cheapest bill on top of the stack of bills to pay.

2. Get a Spine
Wrap another piece of paper around one stack to create a spine. Label that paper to indicate what's in that pile.

3. Hot, Hot, Hot
Divide your desk into sections and the most active section should be piles that need immediate attention such as read, pay, act, write, etc.

4. Put Your Piles on a Diet
Go through your piles every day or at least every week and remove the items that are not pressing. These should be filed, the opposite of piling.

February 14, 2008

Lose the Clutter, Lose the Fat?

Peter Walsh of Oprah and Clean Sweep has a theory that people who have clutter are also overweight. The relationship between a dirty house and a dirty or unhealthy body are very close and I agree with him. Most people who have unruly clutter usually give up and just let things go, just like their bodies.

Walsh claims that those people who take the time and effort to keep a clean and organized home will also be more motivated to take care of themselves and lose weight. Hopefully this theory is starting to be tested right now.

February 7, 2008

Messy = Brilliant?

A very interesting concept. The people at CBS Sunday Morning do seem very intellectual...

February 4, 2008

The DeCluttered Workday

Thank you to zenhabits for a nice article on how to create a peaceful and productive workday. Remember, we spend over 2,000 hours a year at work. Make that time count.

The majority of the tips talk about decluttering...your desk, your timetable and your work life:

1. Do Less

2. Create a morning routine

3. Prepare the night before

...for more...