February 7, 2007

If you went to a party...

...who would you rather see? A room packed full of people you didn't know, or a few near and dear friends?

Your space should feel the same way. Sometimes our material possessions become strangers to us and we end up feeling disjointed and unfamiliar with our own space and home. When decluttering, keep only what you truly love and want near you. If you are not sure what you love (we think we love everything, but we don't) then ask yourself these three questions:

1.Why am I keeping this item?

2.How does it make me feel?

3.How will I feel when it is gone?

Seriously consider and evaluate your answers to these questions and you will eventually understand why you are keeping some things and not others. The items that don't bring you the most pleasure should be eliminated as soon as possible.

Or, you can use the quick and dirty method...would I grab this if my house was on fire?

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