August 17, 2010

Be Happy With What's Left

So, you are in the process of decluttering and you realize that what you have left is not what you want. You just gave away your favorite and not-so-favorite books, clothes, dishes, plants and furniture and now you are stuck with nothing. Do you buy new items that you like and risk just cluttering up the house again? Or do you keep hold of a few things that you sort of like...but not really?

Most of the time, decluttering takes a little sacrifice, but some of the time it can create a clean slate to fill with a minimal amount of items that you absolutely love. When I got rid of all my excess mismatched dishes and bowls, I made an investment in some beautiful earthen pottery bowls that I love to eat everything out of: cereal, pasta, popcorn, soup.

After getting rid of or selling your unwanted items, take some time to really find out what you love. Maybe after all these years, you never liked delicate china cups to drink tea out of, maybe you are a big mug person after all.

Photo by Muffet

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