November 29, 2010

Addicted to Decluttering

I was planning on spending a good part of my Thanksgiving holiday doing some more decluttering and organizing, but just realized that I'm down to nearly nothing. I've sold, given away and thrown out nearly everything I can and I have not been buying anything new for some time. I was a little flustered. What was I supposed to do next? I now have all this free time!

It seemed a little silly, but I realized that you can get so wrapped up in decluttering, organizing and simplifying your life that you can become addicted to the chore. It's thrilling to make headway and to create a well ordered life, and when that's gone, you seem a little lost. What next? Well, I don't think you are ever really done. You still need to make sure that you keep unwanted items out of your life and with daily bombardments of advertising and holiday gift giving coming up, that's a chore in itself. So the best thing to do is find additional things to do with your time: read, write, take a walk, laugh and love...or enjoy a little dolce far niente.You deserve it.

Photo courtesy of rick/Flickr


CatHerder said...

Great post and so true lol...i cant even see a commercial for "hoarding" or i go into overdrive purging...and dolce far niente has been a phrase i have embraced for some time..and was so happy to see it mentioned in Eat Pray Love your blog!

Viajera said...

Thanks CatHerder!