November 17, 2010

"Storage Wars" on A&E

I recently saw a preview for a new show on A&E called "Storage Wars". Teams of professional treasure hunters and buyers are profiled as they bid on repossessed storage units. The teams have five minutes to scan a recently opened storage unit and place their bids on sight-unseen items. Several teams even use devious tactics in attempt to walk away with whatever might be in the unit. Some of the teams dismiss a unit because the items look like junk.

It looks like it could be a fascinating show with the same typical dramatic music and exaggerated pressure used in "Ice Road Truckers". I will watch just to see what objects people are willing to pay to store...and then forget about. It is a little sad that people will feel their stuff is so important, that they are willing to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars a year to store it, just to drop the payments and have their precious items walk away in the hands of others. This show is another example of the effects of this economy, overbuying and too much stuff.

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