February 14, 2012


 Recently I have been watching the YouTube channel created by minimalistbeth, a woman who is in the process of slowly getting rid of the majority of her possessions in order to pay down debt, live simply and move back to her home in New York. Her basic and to the point videos are inspirational and reflect what a lot of Americans I'm sure are feeling: a desire to live with a lot less and to hopefully become happier and healthier in the process. Beth is now living in one room of her Phoenix apartment, has no car or TV and will soon be quitting her job and packing her minimalist wardrobe to fly off to a better life. Good luck Beth!


beth said...

Thank you so much for writing about me! I am very flattered. I wish you the best on your path to simplify.

Christina Nellemann said...

Thank you so much Beth. I enjoy your video posts and hope you will continue with them after your move. I'm also looking forward to your e-book!

Jammie said...

Have the videos been taken off of YouTube?