February 10, 2012

Simplify Your Signature

Over the years, my signature has gone from my full name (all 23 letters!) to just my first name and the initial of my last name and now it is just one large capital "C" to represent my first name. One woman at one store had the nerve to say that my single letter signature wasn't a signature. I boldly looked her right in the eye and told it it WAS a signature and it was mine.

How many things a day to you have to sign? Credit card receipts, purchase orders, FedEx or UPS packages, work items or paperwork? How much time could be saved by simplifying your signature. Before I reduced the size of my signature, I dreaded having to write out my name, now I actually enjoy writing that big, bold "C".

Photo by Hammer51012/Flickr


The Anti-Hoarder said...

When I got married I hyphenated my last names because I was already published in my field. I do like using both but two huge polish names are awful to sign! This was a really interesting post -- I"m just signing four letters now, even though my name is longer than it was before!

Christina Nellemann said...

LOL! Those Polish and Danish names must both be the longest in the world. Yes, I had previously published under my own name, so when I got married, I kept my last name. It confuses many members of my husband's family, but he doesn't mind.